Are you thinking about getting into the right size home, but you aren’t sure if it’s time? Traditionally, we think of the homeowner’s path as all about upsizing. A young couple might buy a starter home, followed by a larger home for a family, and so on. However, there are times in our lives when smaller spaces make more sense. Today we want to share four signs that you might be ready to downsize:

1.You’re about to retire. Approaching retirement is one of the most common reasons why people downsize. Often, retirement savings don’t last as long as we think since the cost of living and average life expectancy are both increasing. 

2. Too much anxiety. Whether your anxiety is brought on by the physical size of the home or something else, your home should not be a huge source of stress. For example, if your spouse passes on, you may find that there’s too much work for one person to do around the house. Whatever the reason may be, if it’s becoming difficult to maintain your home, it may be time to downsize.

“If it’s becoming difficult to maintain your home, it may be time to downsize.”

3.You have unused space. If it feels like your home is swallowing you whole, it may be time to find a smaller living space. Unused areas of your home still need work, but it can be frustrating to clean a place you aren’t using. Plus, you might be able to find a wonderful home with a pool or nice deck you’ll actually enjoy. 

4.Financial opportunities. If your home has appreciated significantly, you can upgrade by moving into a luxury apartment or other smaller, high-quality house. 

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