How Hourglass helps Lancaster maintain its high standard of living.

Today we’re pleased to be speaking with Diana Martin, the Executive Director of Hourglass. They focus on quality-of-life issues in Lancaster, and they’re a big part of the reason why our town ranks so highly on most living metrics. It takes a lot of community effort and coalition building to achieve the positive results Hourglass strives for, and it’s Diana’s job to organize everything. 

One of the biggest questions Hourglass wrestles with is: How can we help Lancaster grow while maintaining what makes this town so special? As our population increases, they try to keep our natural farmland, great schools, and historic downtown intact for everyone to enjoy. 

If you want to get involved with Hourglass, check out their website here. They regularly post a forum with community issues you can help solve. You can even become a member! 

Don’t hesitate to reach out to Hourglass or visit their website if you would like to learn more. In the meantime, call or email us with any real estate-related questions. We are always willing to help!