A few locations in Lancaster that you need to make sure to check out.

Here at Wolf and Webb, we are the local people to give you all the local secrets. That’s why today we’re highlighting a few of the best places in Lancaster! 

First, there’s Penn Square, with the statue of the soldiers and sailors. The woman in the center is the “genius of liberty.” Also, if you look closely, it has statues of four men, one from each of the four branches of the American Armed Services. Close to that is the Lancaster City Welcome Center, right on Penn Square. This is full of ideas about what to do in the city and is a great place to start your tour. 

“There are so many amazing places to see in Lancaster.”

Then there’s Lancaster Central Market, full of great tastes and smells, where everything comes alive. It is the country’s oldest continually operated public farmer’s market, built in 1730. It currently has over 60 vendors. The holiday season is a fabulous time to go there because there’s live music and people are very festive. 

Another great place is the Fulton Theatre, which is nationally recognized and draws talent from all over. It’s only one block from Central Market and one block from the Lancaster Convention Center. The theater is a beautifully restored Victorian architecture building that was originally built in 1737 as a pre-revolutionary jail. 

There’s so much more we could highlight about the city, but these are great places to start with. If you’d like to go on a tour in person, come see houses with us! We would love to help you get to know the city and buy your dream home. Call or email us anytime.