If you’re getting ready to sell your home in 2022, there are seven steps that you have to take to increase your chances of selling for top dollar:

1. Decide on your listing date. Nothing happens unless you actually set a target date.

2. Hire an awesome Realtor. You want someone you can clearly and concisely communicate with. 

3. Give your house a deep clean. This is extremely important. Not only will it make you feel good, but it will enhance your home’s appeal. Clean those little nooks and crannies. You can even hire someone to do it. We’d be happy to pass along some contact info.

4. Get rid of the clutter. Less clutter means more space in your home. The home looks and feels bigger, which is a great way to attract buyers. Try starting with your closets, countertops, cabinets, and garage.

“It’s important to make a good impression on buyers with your curb appeal.”

5. Make any needed repairs and updates. Fixing little things like a leaky faucet doesn’t cost a fortune, but it sends a clear message to buyers that your house has been maintained. If they encounter a leaky faucet, they might wonder what else is wrong with the property.

6. Spruce up your curb appeal. I tell sellers that you have one chance for a first impression. That buyer is going to park in the driveway, walk up that front step, and see the front door. You need to make a good impression here before they even step foot in your home.

7. Stage it to sell. You’d be amazed what some simple staging can do. Whenever I’m in a house, I always preach opening up the curtains, bringing the sunshine in, and maximizing the space for showings. Don’t stage it for living; stage it for showings.

If you have any questions for us about preparing your home to sell, buying a home, or real estate in general, don’t hesitate to reach out via phone or email. I look forward to hearing from you soon.